Using a Construction Staffing Agency to Expand Your Company's Capacity

If you're looking to expand your company's capacity, construction staffing is a great option. Hiring staff through an agency helps you avoid the hassles of multiple recruiting processes and saves you time. While construction staffing agencies tend to charge more per hour, you'll save on payroll expenses. They handle the training and recruitment of professionals for you. Often, hiring a construction staffing agency means that you can focus on implementing new projects or focusing on the overall business needs.
Temp agencies for construction can help fill gaps, meet seasonal demand, and provide key services. These companies provide the resources necessary for companies to move quickly and efficiently. Construction staffing agencies can tap into a vast pool of qualified candidates. Their relationships within the industry help them develop a network of contacts. The employees they find can eventually become permanent employees. If you're hiring for a specific position, you can even get a trial period and see how they perform.
When it comes to pricing, construction staffing agencies tend to charge more than other hiring companies, but they also have more overhead costs and liability than other industries. Nevertheless, most construction staffing agencies will discount their prices, but the discounts may not be as large as you would hope. The best approach is to negotiate a price that's reasonable for your company. Using an employment agency is a smart way to find a qualified candidate without spending your valuable time and energy on searching job boards.
If you're looking for experienced workers, you can find them through a construction-specific staffing agency. Additionally, you can search traditional job listing sites like and ZipRecruiter, which have millions of monthly visitors. Another option is to advertise in the local classifieds. Be sure to include a job description and a clear expectation. Construction recruiters often struggle to find their ideal employees. Despite all of this, some contractors find that apprenticeships can be a good place to shape candidates and attract talent.
Construction staffing agencies often have a profit margin of 25 to 50 percent, and some construction firms even contract with a staffing agency on a yearly basis, meaning that they pay a lower hourly rate than other recruiting methods. If an employee works out well, a construction staffing agency may charge a one-time fee or a percentage of an employee's salary, but the cost is generally negligible. Once a construction company has hired a temporary employee, the construction company can decide whether to hire that person for a permanent position.
Construction staffing agencies can help you hire quality workers for any job. Finding a skilled construction worker can be tough, but hiring the right employee can help you save money and time. And with a professional staffing agency, you can be sure to get a quality candidate in no time. If you're looking for a construction staffing agency in South Florida, look no further than Labor for Hire. Our experienced staffing agency is here to help.

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